Love Yourself Series-Abby

"Perhaps We Should Love Ourselves So Fiercly, That When Others See Us They Know Exactly How It Should Be Done."

Working with Abby and Sara for the 'Love Yourself Series' of October was beyond wonderful. Abby has such a pure, down to earth soul that is amazing to be around. Working with Sara on this project has been an experience that I'm so grateful to be a part of, I wouldn't want to spread self love with anyone else! 

Meet Abby


Why Are You Passionate About Self Love

Self-love, sadly, is a subject our education systems are now just learning to implement. Our generation and the ones who have come before us seem to lack this fundamental tool in achieving mental wellness. I've become tired of hearing "Tough it out" as my go-to mantra in the back of my mind during difficult moments. Self-love fuels strength, independence and authenticity in a person. Something as easy as learning to supplement the "Tough it out" mantra with a phrase more like, "Hey, today has been rough. But you can do this, and if you feel overwhelmed, it's okay to ask for help" can change how you feel about your situation, and shift blame into acceptance. 
I'm just beginning my journey as a nurse, and already I've noticed one of the qualities that tends to separate the patients that are on the road to recovery and the ones who will not do well, is self-love. Choosing to meet yourself where you're at, accepting time to rest, making time for people who lift you up, indulging in that full-fat latte, and diving into hobbies that fuel passion all are ways to show yourself some TLC.

What Qualities About Yourself Do You Love And Appreciate

This is another reason why I actively have begun to practice self-love, praising yourself in a world that has always supported humbleness can be hard! I actually really like the tender part of myself, that is able to listen and show sympathy. I never have to pretend that i'm interested in someone's story, I genuinely care and what to understand what road has led them here. Another quality that I like about myself I have my parents to thank for, my courage to try new things even when they scare me and/or I'll look silly doing them. 
I love that I have grit, and am not easily shaken. Somewhere along the line I was lucky enough to adapt a mindset that is (mostly) able to let go of situations that are not in my control, and bounce back.

What Do You Do For Yourself To Recharge And Encourage Self Love

My favourite ways to recharge are talking with friends, going to sleep early, exercising, indulging in something sweet every once and awhile, and listening to music.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful

This is going to sound kind of strange, but I can't think of a time where I feel more beautiful than when I'm laughing. Sure, it's not always graceful, but i'm always experiencing the moment and enjoying my life when i'm laughing.

What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self

-Just because that boy doesn't like you back doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.
-Don't take yourself so seriously.
-There will be times when people in your life don't approve of your choices, that doesn't mean they're bad ones.
-Mom is always right.

"In Order To Love Who You Are, You Cannot Hate The Experiences That Shaped You."

I Found Happy

"I found happy," she thought, I finally have found MY happy.


I stopped viewing myself in the eyes of others who don't know me.
I stopped focusing on how deep I was breathing, but on the fact that I was breathing!
I found happy when I woke up each morning and remembered everything I was grateful for.
I picked myself up from the lowest I'd been,
I stitched up my cuts and bruises,
I held my chin up and I knew I would get through it, I knew I'd find h a p p y.
I did, I found happy.
Instead of letting it defeat me, I defeated it. The many things that "it" was.
I remembered that life doesn't OWE me anything, life is a blessing we've all been given.
What did I do to deserve this blessing?


I found happy when I pounded my feet on the pavement during a sunset jog;
Instead of, "how much longer?" I listened to the music of the wind as it carries me along.
I stopped carrying myself with weight, but with a gentle flow of grace.
I learned to begin the never ending, but always growing, journey of self love.
I learned to not care about what people say or think so much, but to believe so strongly in what you're passionate about because frankly, it doesn't matter what they never will.


I found happy when I learned to let go.
Let go of the past, let go of the pain, learn and move forward.
Live for the now.
Look at it as the past is an experience, and the future as blooming. Don't be scared, be grateful, be excited!


I found happy. 
I breathe crisp air, I spend time with people whom I love, I feed my soul the food and life it needs, I am g r a t e f u l, I help others because it makes them and myself happy, I live. Dammit I LIVE.
Every given moment I live. I sleep in on Sundays because I CAN. I adventure because I CAN. I snort when I laugh at videos laying down because I CAN. I am who I am because I CAN be. 
If I can, you can.
If I can be happy, so can you.
Life is beautiful, life is a blessing, we wake up everyday to a new adventure. Go for it.

I Found Happy.

Chelsea Glasow xo

All images shot by Sara Jewell Photography
All make up done by Allure Beauty By Chelsea